Customer Responses
"You kept us informed on all matters, good follow-up on all matters. Your performance was excellent, thank you so much for all your help!!!!"
-Annette and Ray Ramos formerly of Clinton, CT
"We became friends at the health club, your performance was A+, you exceeded my expectations, please have anyone call me or Mike. Pam, you were a pleasure to do business with--always honest and informative--keeping me apprised of any and all activity related to our property. Not only did you call when there was activity, you kept us informed of changes in the market. You even followed up each week just to tell us there had been no activity when there wasn't any. Pam, you are a true professional--always honest and supportive. We would recommend your services to anyone. Thank you!!"
-Ellen Berson of Branford, CT 
"I heard about you from local business people, your performance was excellent, you are on top of everything at all times. Please use me as a reference in the future. Thank you again!!"
-Dr. Francis Palaia of Westerly, RI 
"A friend gave me your name, your performance was the very best, you kept in touch with me on a daily basis, if not for your help and guidance, we would not have learned about the short sale offered by our mortgage company. This short sale is what made it possible for us to sell our home and purchase a new one (which we love). We would highly recommend you to anyone that is even thinking of buying or selling a home. Again thank you so much for everything."
-Sincerely, Brenda Hotchkiss of Orange, CT 
"We were referred to you from our neighbors the Tills, you sold their house, your performance was a 10---Excellent, you called often!!!! Even when nothing was happening, thanks Pam, We love California!! Take Care"
-Olivia and Greg D'Heilly formerly of Clinton, CT 
"You sold my first property in 1991, since then you have sold over 4 of my properties and you are the best!!!!!! You always find the right property for me, don't ever retire because I'll be lost since I move every 1-2 years...Thanks again."
-Ian Frankel of Madison, CT 
You sold us a condominium when we were neighbors. When we moved south we listed with you--your performance was excellent, you were extremely knowledgeable about other listings in the area you listed. We were completely satisfied with your service, please use us as a reference anytime."
-Joann and Ralph Tiberio, formerly of Branford, CT 
"I heard of you from neighbors and all your advertisements and awards. Your performance was very good, very motivated, and dedicated. Communication was great. You may use me as a reference anytime."
-Dr. Mark Litchman of Stamford, CT
"I saw you in the newspaper, constantly getting awards. Your constant updates were wonderful. You may use me as a reference, thanks for all your help and good service."
-Jeannette Leventhal of Woodbridge, CT
"Your performance was excellent, you sold my mom's house in 10 days and always kept in touch with us!!!! Pam thanks so much for everything! You are the best!"
-Ken and Suellen Schwartz of Clinton, CT 
Buyer and Seller References
Pam Giordano, Broker-Realtor
I've known known you for the past 10-11 yrs.  On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest I would rate you above 10.  With you Pam I really don't know why I need an attorney
because you know the business.  Thank you so much for catching the mistake my attorney made.  I have already recommended you to a friend, if they ever decided to sell.  thank you again.  You are  excellent at your job.  Actually the best I've known!!!!
Sincerely, Mary & Nick Esposito, East Haven,CT
I met you through contact with a resident of the Meadows complex. On  a scale of 1-10
(1 being lowest, 10 being highest) I rate you a 10.   You continually kept in touch, realistically priced the condo--you understood our needs and the urgency to sell without jeopardizing the price.Please use our name or my brother's Father Quinn..  thank you Pam, it has been a pleasure to meet you.  In our estimation you are a "dynamite" realtor.
You helped us to get through a situation(which we expected to be difficult with ease and confidence).  Good Luck and God Bless, 
Janet and Bill Reardon, of West Hartford,CT 
I would rate your performance as EXCELLENT!!!!!    We Sold Many homes and we Never had an agent who kept us so well informed and returned calls as quickly as you did. You continually kept us advised throughout the process. Please use us as a reference.  
Allan and Alberta Guyet, Franklin Tenn.
Your performance was excellent, you kept us up-to-date as to anything that was going on with our condo--e.g. people's interest and comments and always returned calls promptly.
you did outstanding work, please use me as a reference. Frances Kurtz formerly of Branford, CT

Pam you were the listing agent when I purchased the condo 10 yrs ago, you left a lasting impression, so  I called you when I was ready to sell. Your performance was excellent, you sold the condo in  6 days!!! Please use me as a reference,  Thanks so much for your great work!!! 
Polly Eaton, formerly of Branford,CT
You were referred to me by my supervisor, Robin Baldini, you were excellent, and went beyond the necessary to help me through my first and very difficult homebuying experience.your advise and assistance was extremely valuable.  Please use me as a reference.   Allison Amends, East Haven, Ct
I heard about you through co-workers who had raved about their dealings with you and how successful the whole process was.  You are absolutely a "10"  My husband who has dealt with many realtors throughout his life said" Pam is the best realtor I have ever met!!!
WE were both impressed with your knowledge in every facet of the business.  You returned are calls in a timely fashion and answered all our questions.  Please use us as a reference, I can't emphasize that enough, we will be singing your praises for years to come and thankful to being led to you!!!!  
Sincerely, Jan and John Cullen of Branford, CT
We rented a condo from one of your clients in 1997, you sold our house in 1999 in 2 days, your rating is 10+, you returned phone calls promptly and kept us informed everyday about the property while it was listed, please use us as a reference, 
Gary and Tammy Milligan, Branford,CT

I received a flier from you and that motivated me to call,to list my condo, when it came to negotiating the final offer, you weren't eager for me to jump at their terms and that helped me reduce  my anxiety about selling. the confidence you had in my property, location, condition, etc. helped me during the final negotiation. *****In the final negotiating I felt you were really looking out for my interests --for instance when we had a guaranteddd sale for $148,000 --- you let me know you thought you could get me $150,000. So in essence you were willing to let a large commission go to get another $4,000 for me.  even though the extra $4,000 would ahve been peanuts for you. This seperates you from the self-interested salespeople --You showed you are interested in the long-term building of your business. Through doing what's in the best interest of your clients. I can now see whey on your card it says, "Realor for Life!!" I would recommend you enthusiastically, you made what could have been a nightmare a good experience from start to finish. That's why I wanted to thank you by taking you out to dinner. I'll try and thank you by recommendng you, Sincerely,   
We heard about you from the internet!!! Your performance was great!! You didn't push us into something that wasn't right for us.  You payed attention to what features were most important to us and called us right away when you found our condo which incorporated both our needs, we would highly recommend you to anyone.  
LuAnne and Erik Ostby, Branford,Ct
You were excellent!! I bought two properties as investments, sight unseen, you kept me informed dail and moved things along, please use me as a reference, Thanks for  all your help Pam!!!!!, 
Mark Bartek,  Alexandria,VA
I had my condo in Branford to sell last year. It became a money pit, as it took months to get the tenant out, and when all was said and done, I'd missed the Spring and Summer markets, lost thousands in rent and legal expenses, and then I made the poor decision of trying to stop the bleeding by hiring a discount agent in September to try and sell it. I learned a lesson, and by the time my agreement was up, I felt I had to make sure my bets were hedged, and I hired THE expert in Greens sales, Pam Giordano, who'd been sending me mailings for 15 years. I raised the price to cover the difference in commission (and some improvements), even though I hadn't sold it in four months at the lower price. I promised Pam that if she got me a good contract by the end of January, I would extend her my listing on my house when and if I was going to sell it this year (honestly assuming it would never sell in three weeks given the slow winter market,. the hell I'd been through on that damn condo, and the fact that I even jacked the price up 5k).

Well, Pam was a bulldog and I was completely impressed with her service and her effort. Within a week, I had offers. But she even encouraged me to pass on two lower offers, which tempted me, telling me to hang in there and she'd get me my price... which she did, in three weeks' time. I closed last week. I have to give her the credit, because having it listed on MLS with a passive broker did nothing.
I'd recommend Pam to anyone.  I got detailed daily updates, but most importantly in short time, those updates included attractive offers.
Chris Angelus

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